Material Safety Data Sheet 

Chemicals (Hazard Information and Packaging)

Applicable To: LineBrite Pitch Marking Paint

Material: Line marking paint concentrate.


Water based concentrated line marking paint for use on grass


Organic and inorganic pigments and extenders in a water based copolymer emulsion.

Hazard Information

Under the CHIP regulations these products are not classified and so an S.D.S. and label are not required. However, there is a requirement under section 6 of Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 to provide information about any risk which may arise from the use of a substance at work and this S.D.S. is provided to satisfy that requirement.

First Aid Measures

Eyes: Flush immediately with plenty of water or neutral saline solution holding eyelids apart. Remove contact lenses.

Skin: Wash skin with plenty of soap and water before emulsion dries. Remove contaminated clothing and launder. 

Inhalation of Spray: In case of coughing or irritation of mucous membranes, remove affected person to fresh air and keep warm and at rest in the recovery position.

Ingestion: If person vomits, turn over on to face but DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING because of danger of aspiration. Wash mouth out and give milk or water to drink BUT if person is unconscious, do not give anything by mouth. IF SYMPTOMS PERSIST OR ARE SEVERE, OBTAIN MEDICAL ADVICE

Fire Fighting Measures

NOT APPLICABLE: The substance is not flammable nor will it support combustions.

Accidental Release Measures

Mop up with absorbent material or transfer liquid into a salvage vessel. Keep out of drains or inform local authority. May cause slippery surfaces. See paragraph ‘Disposal Considerations’ for disposal.

Handling and Storage

Not hazardous to store. Keep in a cool, dry and well-ventilated frost-free place away from children. Do not hang containers on a hook.

Exposure Controls/Personal Protection

Take common sense precautions to avoid splashes or spray entering mouth or eyes. Wear mask and eye protection when necessary, particularly if spraying. If required wear gloves and overalls to keep skin on contact to a minimum. Wash after use.

Physical and Chemical Properties

A liquid or paste with low odour.

Relative density: 1.4 to 1.6 depending on product

Solubility in water: Miscible

Stability and Reactivity Date

Stability: Stable

Hazardous Decomposition and Combustion Products:

In protracted fires, material may dry out sufficiently to burn and produce black choking smoke.

Toxicological Information

Eyes: Can cause soreness and redness.

Skin: Prolonged repeated contact may cause defatting of the skin.

Inhalation: Spray mist can irritate the mucous membranes and cause headache and nausea.

Ingestion: To be avoided though not toxic.

Ecological Information

If sufficient enters watercourses it will cause discolouration.

Disposal Considerations

Do not pour into drains or dispose of indiscriminately. In sufficient quantities obtain the services of a Waste Disposal Contractor to comply with the duty or care required under the Environmental protection Act 90.

Transport Information

Not hazardous

Regulatory Information

Supply label information: Not required by CHIP but labelled with S2, S23, S26, S51.

Regulations: Health & Safety at Work Act. Environmental Protection Act and Duty of Care Regulations.

Other information

NOTE: This data sheet does not constitute a user’s assessment or workplace risk as required by H.S.W. Act, COSHH, Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations or other Health & Safety Legislation. It is the user’s responsibility to satisfy himself as to the application for his own use of the information/recommendation given.


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