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Line Brite is a new product to the market being manufactured by Cutting Edge Services. Line Brite is water based pitch marking paint that is ready to use with your conventional line marker.

 No need to spend a thousand Euros to buy a new marker. Aerosols work well, but tend to be very expensive and often leave only a very narrow line.

Save money! Line Brite is a highly visible and durable product. You will drastically reduce the number of times you need to mark your pitch. This will not only reduce the paint used but will reduce the amount of calls on volunteers to help out.

Q: How can we afford it we're only a small club?

A: If you are using lime you will on average use half a bag of lime each   time you mark out. How many times have you marked the pitch to find the rain has washed it away the next day?  So then on the morning of a match you have to find someone to start mixing lime and marking all over again.  This is an un-necessary expense and hassle that doesn't happen with Line Brite!

In most clubs you usually rely on the same 1 or 2 people to mark the pitch week after week. Wouldn't it be great if one marking would last two weeks? Meaning those hard workers may only get a call once a month when using Line Brite.

Q: Using Aerosols which seem to last longer than lime. How does Line Brite compare?

A: The average football pitch is using between 4-6 aerosol cans per marking. With cans ranging in price between €5-10 a single marking can cost €30 or more. When using Line Brite neat in a 3" line marker, an average pitch will get 4 complete markings per 20L bucket for €40 & most clubs now marking only every 2 weeks.

Why not ditch the lime and buy Line Brite Now! 

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